Tally Course in Chennai

Seeking for a Professional Tally Course in Chennai? Tally Course in Chennai at FITA offers professional Tally training along with certification. Learn the course from experienced Tally Tutors and enrich your Tally skills at FITA. 

Most of the job portal sites in India look for Accountants who have mastered skills in Tally. With Tally skills on your resume, career opportunities in the Accounting field is widened.  

Tally is the Indian software that was created for the small and medium-sized companies to record their day-to-day transactions. Primarily all Indian companies rely on this software for their mundane activities. Also, this software has made some recent changes that enable to digitalize the bills and invoices. Thus, by updating the software it has embarked its significance in the large-scale enterprise as well. 

Ready to begin a career as an Accountant? 

To be a professional accountant in an organization, equipping yourself with tally skills has become a norm. Many companies in India utilise Tally software because of its accuracy in transactions, quickness in extracting documents, the security of data and usability. Tally Classes in Chennai at FITA provides the necessary training to the students to learn the software efficiently. Join the Tally Classes in Chennai at FITA and get certified by the industrial experts. 

It is estimated that the average salary for a fresher with Tally skills is Rs 2,30,000 per annum. Mid-level experienced accountant can earn around Rs 3,00,000 per annum whereas a senior-level accountant earns up to Rs 10,00,000 per annum. Hence, learning the Tally course professionally helps in bridging the gap between academics and successful career.

Key highlights of Tally: 

Financial Management is made simpler with Tally.
Tally is a Multi-lingual customised software.
Remote access to data is made easier.
Tally can be used from Inventory management to the Payroll of the businesses. 
Tally provides the accuracy of transactions.
Tally provides security of data. 

Thus, Tally creates efficiency in business due to its flexible feature and it is also a cost-effective software. Tally Training in Chennai at FITA is provided by the subject-matter experts with a decade of experience in this field. Tally Course in Chennai at FITA is one of the authentic courses that is designed as per industry standards. FITA is an ideal institute for learning the Tally Course in Chennai to increase your career opportunities in the Accounting sector. Tally Institute in Chennai at FITA offers weekdays, weekends, and fast track batches to students.

Interesting facts about Tally in various business

Tally Solutions launched a program called Tally Xcelerator (TX) for Small and Medium Scale Businesses (SMEs') with the motive to empower and facilitate growth.
Tally makes digitalization easy by forming a partnership with Bajaj Finserv to offer GST ready tally a one-stop solution for business to effectively file their returns.
Tally launched updated GST software Tally ERP9 6.1.1- ready accounting software which ensures a smooth filing of the GSTR1 process for the SMEs.
Tally has launched its GST mobile application on the Android and iOS device as well to understand the nuances of GST.
Tally Solutions has gained significant growth in the global market as well. Kenya has more than 3000 customers using this software and more than 10000 African enterprises use this software for various accounting purposes.
Tally has collaborated with the Andhra Pradesh government for State Skill Development Corporation and launched a skill-developing program on Computerized way of Accounting using Tally ERP9.
Tally ERP9 Release 6.4 that caters the effective e-Way Bill compliance. The E-Way bill helps in reducing tax evasion and increases more sales invoices.


Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

Introduction and need for Accounting
Basic Accounting Principles
Various Types of Accounting
Understanding the Golden Rules of Accounting 
Accounting equation and classification of transaction. 
Book-Keeping of financial transactions.
Learning Journal Entries 
Single Entry and Double Entry transactions
Ledger posting 
Demerits of Maintaining Accounts Manually

Introduction to Tally

What is Tally and its definition?
Why we need Tally?
Beginning of Tally ERP 9
Different Tally Versions
Installation and Activation of Tally versions 
Portal to Tally and Tally User Interface

Configuration of Tally ERP 9

Single Entry Mode VS Dual Entry Mode
Configuring of the Data path
Global Configurations of data 
International Currency and Regional currency configurations

Company and Association Management 

Creation of Company
Altering and Deleting Company    
Company level Configurations

Learning Ledgers & Groups

Differentiating Ledgers and Groups
Creating, Altering, Deleting Ledgers and Groups
Ledgers based on bill

Understanding various types of Vouchers in Tally

Default Vouchers
Payment Vouchers
Receipt Vouchers
Contra Vouchers
Journal Vouchers
Sales Vouchers
Purchase Vouchers
Creating, Altering, Deleting Vouchers

Tally ERP 9 Reports

Tally Report Model - Drill down reports
Subsidiary Day Book and Bank Pass Books
Ledgers and posting of Ledger accounts. 
Debtors and Creditors
Trading and Profit & Loss Account
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow and Funds Flow Statements
Bank Reports or Bank Reconciliation statements

Inventory Configuration in Tally ERP 9

Knowing inventory in Tally
Units of Measure
Stock Items and Category
Stock Groups
Integrating Accounts and Stock 
Creating and Managing Price Lists with Price Masters
Stock Transfers
Stock Reports

Managing Inventory turnover using Tally ERP 9

Purchase Vouchers
Purchase and Sales Orders
Maintaining Credit Sales and Credit Purchases
Managing Bill details based on bill
Order and Re-order processing
Governing Stock Rejections and Returns
Debit Notes and Credit Notes Numbers
Managing Ageing Invoices

Goods and Services TAX (GST)

What is GST
Understanding SGST, CGST & IGST
Using GST in Tally
Setting up GST in Company Level, Ledger Level and Inventory   Level
GST Taxes and Invoices
Creating, Altering, Deleting GST Masters

Purchase and Sales Vouchers with GST

GST Purchase Entry
GST Sales Entry
Managing Unregistered Dealers
Reverse Charging Entry for GST
Printing GST Invoices

Purchase and Sales Reports

Purchase and Sales Registers
Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables
Over dues pays
Managing Ageing Invoices
MaintainingStock Registers

GST Reports and Returns filing

GSTR 1 form 
GSTR 1 Return Filing

Handling the Point of Sales (POS) in Tally

Bank Reconciliation Statement


Payroll Accounting

Significance of Payroll
Different Pay Heads and Categories
Employee Details and Salary Details
Attendance register Entries
Maintaining Leave Categories
Scheduled and Unscheduled Leaves
Overtime duty pay 
Handling and recording Loss of Pay
EPF and PF Accounts
ESI Accounting
Professional Tax Accounting
Tackling Income Tax on Salary - Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
Managing TDS on other Sundry Expenses
Pay Sheets and Pay Slips
Payroll Reports maintenance 

More Advanced Topics

Scenarios and Optional Vouchers
Budgets and Controls
Cost Centers and Cost Categories
Multi-Language, Multi-Currency
Export, Import, Backup and Restore of Tally data
Using Tally Vault
Tally Audit
Split and Merge Company Data
Using Tally Remote
Customizing Reports/Invoices with Company Logos and other details.

Opportunities for Tally Course:

The Tally software is used in various businesses such as Banking sector, Financial trusts, Hospitals, NGO's, Chartered Accountants and in few IT sectors.

Tally offers many flexible features to the users, it is cost-effective and so many enterprises have started to adopt this software. The chances of getting priorities in the interview are high when you have Tally skills on your resume. Tally Course in Chennai at FITA provides the students with a holistic understanding of the course. Tutors at FITA have more than a decade of experience in this field. By acquiring the tally skills professionally, you can widen your career aspects. Given below is a table that clearly explains the minimum to maximum level salary for accountants with tally skills of various levels in an organization.

The experience level of Accountants

Fresher/Entry Level (0-3 years)

Mid-Level Level (4-7 years)

Senior-Level (7+ years)

Minimum Annual Salary (Rupees Lakhs)







Average Min. Annual Salary (Rupees Lakhs)





Maximum Annual Salary (Rupees Lakhs)







Average Max. Annual Salary (Rupees. Lakhs)






Average Annual Salary (Rupees Lakhs)




These are the average package offered to candidates who have skilled in Tally ERP9 and the packages differ slightly based on experience. Tally Institute in Chennai at FITA provides best-in-class training to students and aids them to make a successful career.

Tally course can be learned by anyone who aspires to be a professional accountant. It can be learned by the commerce graduates to increase their career opportunities. Apart from the Bachelor of Commerce graduates, it can also be learned by students who completed high school as well. Also, the tally can be learned by Chartered Accountants, MBA and Master of Commerce graduates to increase their skill set. Tally Course in Chennai at FITA covers a wide range of tools used in Tally and help the students strengthen their fundamentals. to the students. 

Tally has become an integral part of most of the business organization to manage their accounts details. Hence, learning the Tally Course increases the career opportunities for Accounting aspirants.

The term "Tally" is primarily connected with the Accounting Sector. It is a tool created specifically for Accountants to record the day-to-day monetary transactions of a business. 

Tally is predominantly used in the small and medium-sized business. Later there was an update in this software, to widen its functions in large scale businesses as well. The updated version Tally(ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning has redefined the definition of the Tally tool. The latest version allows you to record transactions from Inventory to Payroll of a business. It also permits you to manage the transactions related to Billing or Invoicing, Purchase Management, Sales Management, Banking, and GST. Thus, Tally plays a vital role in accounting the transactions involved in the business enterprises.

Listed below are the various versions of Tally:

Tally 4.5: DOS-based program 

Tally 5.4: Graphics InterfaceVersion

Tally 6.3: Supports printing and VAT is implemented.

Tally 7.2: New Statutory and Compliant Features.

Tally 8.1: The Module of POS and Payroll was included.

Tally 9: It has advanced features like Excise duty, Tax Deducted at Source, Fringe Benefits Tax, and Payroll.

Tally9 ERP: Provides a wide range of reports and supports auditors with advanced features.
One can choose the versions of tally based on their purpose. Tally Training Institute in Chennai at FITA provides training for all the above-mentioned versions of Tally. FITA supports the students to skill the course professionally under the guidance of experienced tutors.

Tally Software allows you to perform the below mentioned major operations in your business.

  • Interest Calculation
  • Cost Centres and Profit Centres
  • Cash and Fund Flow Statements
  • Bank Reconciliation Statements
  • Cheque Management
  • E-Payments
  • Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements
  • Multi-currency

Tally is a flexible and user-friendly software that can be adopted in all types of business. Tally provides full support to your business and enables the business to perform the activities seamlessly. Tally Course in Anna Nagar at FITA supports the students with professional training to the students and enrich their accounting skills in Tally. It is preferable to learn the course in a professional institute to broaden your career opportunities.

From the list given below, you can find a list of companies who hire candidates with Tally ERP9 skills and the aggregate package offered to the employees.

  • MC Consultancy (17 lakhs)
  • Shaliha Industries (12 lakhs)
  • Sapient World (9.5 lakhs)
  • Park Controls and Communication (4.5 lakhs)

A tally is a software that is designed primarily for Accountants to ease their tasks. Tally is economical and one of the most popular software used by many businesses and has gained recognition because of the salient features as listed below.

  • Barcode Integration
  • Email Integration
  • Financial Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Invoice
  • Mobile Support
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multiple Company
  • POS invoicing
  • Project Management
  • Supplier and Purchase Order Management
  • Taxation Management
  • Cash Management
  • Bills of Material
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Tax Management
  • Purchasing
  • Financial Accounting
  • VAT / CST / GST Reports
  • Service Tax
  • TDS / TCS
  • Trading Excise Registers

The above-mentioned are the key features of Tally Software that supports in performing all the accounting activities of a business in it. To have a clear understanding of these features and their applications, it is preferable to learn tally under the guidance of professionals. Tally Course in Velachery at FITA trains the students professionally by experienced tutors. Tutors at FITA train the students efficiently by teaching the complete functionalities of the software.

When compared to manual account handling, the tally has reduced half the work of accountants. Tally can be used either as a single-user or multi-user software.

Single-user: The single-user option permits only a single user to use a particular account. Even though it can be installed in multiple systems by LAN Network, it can be accessed only by a single machine at a time. The license also resides on that particular machine only. Single-user edition is also known as Silver Edition which was named by tally solutions.

Multi-user: In Multiple-user edition, all the machines under the LAN Network functions simultaneously. The multi-user edition also supports data and license access for remote areas too. The multi-users allows access to a minimum of ten remote users. The Multi-users is also termed as Golden Edition of the tally.

Both these users have similar features and responsibilities other than the inbound factors. Tally Course in Adyar at FITA provides the right blend of theoretical and practical knowledge to the students. FITA trains the students efficiently using tally software.

Tally ERP9 is the latest version. Many SMEs' have started to adopt this software because of its efficiency. This version has also gained recognition in the large scale enterprise as well. Given below are the key features of Tally ERP9.

  • Different kinds of excise duties (Basic, CESS, Special, and Education, etc.)
  • Handling various Excise Control Code numbers for a single company (A company could possess multiple registered excise godowns and can also trade in excisable goods)
  • Numerous valuation methods (like Ad valorem /transaction value, Ad quantum, and value-based on MRP, etc.) – all of these can be calculated in the same invoice if needed.
  • Efficiency to possess various units of measures for excise reports and recording transactions.
  • Payments made to central excise.
  • Maintaining statutory records and reporting and returns
  • Sequential numbering for excise invoices also across different types of voucher – for example across invoices and debit notes.

Tally Course in T Nagar at FITA provides training for all the versions of tally software. Tutors at FITA are well-expertized in the subject and they train the students efficiently to achieve their career goals.

Given below are the few books which are useful to learn.

  • GST Using Tally. EPR
  • Tally Ace get certified and recognized
  • Tally Pro Volume-1
  • Tally Guru Volume -1
  • Learn Tally.ERP 9 with GST taxation and E- Way Bill method
  • Official Guide to Financial Accounting Using Tally ERP9 with GST(Release version of 6.4)
  • Comdex Tally ERP9 Course Kit with GST taxation and MS Excel
  • Tally ERP 9 ( Power of Simplicity): Software for Business and Accounts. 

Though you can learn Tally course through these books, you may not have a complete understanding of the software. It is preferable to train yourself under professional guidance to have a clear understanding of the software and its applications. Tally Course in Tambaram at FITA proficiently trains the students to use the tally software and offers the students with certification on course completion.

Tally is an accounting software that is predominantly used in most of the business organizations. This software is primarily used for various activities in a business. Given below are the major activities that are performed in an accounting cycle.  

  • Vouchers Creation like (Purchase, Sales, Payment and Receipts, Debit Note Number, Credit Note Number, Contra entries, Journal entries, Reverse Journal entries) 
  • Computerized billing
  • Bank Reconciliation Statements
  • Inventory and Stock maintenance  
  • Preparation of Trial balance, Trading & Profit & Loss A/C, and Balance Sheet
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Printing of Cheques, deposits, and vouchers
  • Payroll maintenance
  • All the above-mentioned activities can be performed manually and also using Tally Software. From the table given below, you can find the advantages of using the tally software. 

Manual Accounting

Accounting using Tally software

In manual accounting we pass entries first, followed by preparation of Ledger A/C, Trial Balance, P&L A/C, and Balance Sheet. 

Here we create Ledger account first and then we pass the entries in the respective accounts. Immediately the Ledgers, Trial balance, and Balance Sheet will be updated. 

Chances of making errors are high and it is time-consuming.

Tally is designed in a foolproof manner so that any invalid entry of data will be notified. 

Most of the time Balance Sheet doesn’t get tallied.

Balance sheets will be immediately tallied with each entry.

Due to its efficient performance, most of the organization has adopted tally software to perform their business activities. Tally Course in Porur at FITA covers a wide curriculum to the students. Tutors at FITA have a decade of experience in the subject and they provide professional training to students.

Both this software are products of Tally solutions. Tally 7.2 is the older version compared to the Tally 9 version and so its functionality is comparatively high when compared to the Tally 7.2 version. Given below table distinguishes the features between these two versions. 

Basis of Distinction 

Tally 7.2 

Tally 9


Tally 7.2 is the integrated version that provides the function of inventory, accounting, and reporting. 

Tally 9 version enables the function of Excise duties, Payroll, TDS, and it is also a concurrent multilingual accounting software. 


TDS, VAT, and Licensing. 

Payroll, Multilingual support, POS invoicing, Statutory and Taxation. 


Support Single User and Multi-User Licensing editions.

Tally 9 versions also support both the edition.

Key highlights 

Simplified VAT service, and TDS Formalities. 

Simplified Accounting and provides advanced inventory management. 

Tally Course in Tambaram
at FITA provides necessary professional training to the students. FITA trains the students efficiently to use the software and to work effectively in their careers. Learning the Tally course enhances your career opportunities in the accounting field and it is preferable to learn in a professional institute.

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